What My Clients are Saying

“I recently contacted Laura in regard to an annoying pain (7 out of 10) I had in my left scapular area. I also had a very sharp pain whenever I took a deep breath.  I had been suffering with this all day long. I called Laura since I knew she does healing energy work. She worked on me remotely. Within minutes my pain went from a 7 to a 1. I was amazed and delighted that what she did made it so I slept well and awoke with no more pain! Laura was not only professional to work with but she was very positive and reassuring. I highly recommend her.”  Bob S 

"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to find and meet Laura Scalva. I have been suffering from vertigo for 17 years with every medical test performed and finding nothing as to why I experience the dizziness. I decided to try a whole new approach to find relief from my dizziness. I made an appointment with Laura and she started removing trapped emotions  in various parts of my body causing the imbalance in my system. After only three appointments I have no more dizziness. It is great to be able to function and not have to worry about an episode of dizziness to strike again. I feel so much better and she also provided me with some tools to help release any further emotions that I might create within myself in order to keep my system in constant balance. I am grateful to once again have balance in my life thanks to Laura."   LB 8-1-13

"The first time I met Laura Scalva was the best experience! She was very friendly and welcoming. After seeing my doctor for unbearable left shoulder and left knee pain and running scan and test after test and not finding the reason for the pain, I was referred to Laura. The pain was so intense that it made me stop most physical activity and was affecting my ability to do my job. It made me feel like I couldn’t do anything. After seeing Laura for the first time I was amazed that my pain was gone! I set up another appointment to continue the treatment. I was so excited to find something to relieve me of this pain.  Who knew that your past emotions could be trapped in you causing you pain, hurt and despair! While working with Laura we actually found an emotion/energy that was trapped in my body from when I was 2 weeks old causing me pain. After talking to my mother I found out that we were involved in a tornado during that time. It was a very traumatic time for us. This was all trapped in my body causing me pain!  I am now pain free and doing all the things that I thought I would have to give up. Not only did my knee and shoulder pain vanish but also many negative feelings inside of me. I have more peace each day. With the tools Laura has taught me I continue to be pain free and happy!”  KP  6-20-13

"I met Laura as I was lying in the recovery room after having a procedure at the hospital. I was having severe pain in my sciatic nerve area which was making it very uncomfortable to move around. Laura politely asked me if I would have any problem with her doing a very brief Healing Touch session and I figured why not, it can't hurt. Well to my amazement I started to feel less pain in my sciatic nerve area and by the end of the day was feeling much better. I decided to schedule some sessions with Laura. In a very professional manner she explained the why and how of the Healing Touch and we proceeded. After my 3 sessions I am almost pain free (except for a little bit of tightness in the back of my left thigh) and wished I had found her sooner. Seriously, when I met her I couldn't hardly turn over in bed without screaming in pain. And now whenever I feel any tension coming on I practice the techniques she taught me and I begin to feel the tension release. I truly believe that what Laura did for me was a healing gift from God. And although somewhat skeptical at first I was definitely drawn to the experience not only by God, but by Laura's calming and nurturing demeanor.  I highly recommend not only Laura but the Healing touch treatment process."  DD  5-12-2013

 "I've suffered numerous miscarriages during my lifetime. Fertility specialists felt invasive and disconnected with my needs. But, Laura provided me with hope and encouragement when no one else seemed to be listening. She took her time, discovering not only what my needs were but what my body needed as well. Her passion for healing work shines through, especially when she would call days after my treatment to ensure how I was feeling. After 3 treatments, I was able to successively conceive and am anxious awaiting the birth of a healthy baby girl. I highly recommend Laura to those of you looking for an alternative, more personal, way of healing."    NP     1-15-13

"I am not one to take the time to give testimonials, but working with Laura has been such an incredible experience in my life that I need to share this with others, so they too, may find relief for pain that no doctor can uncover. Your trapped emotional energies from your past can keep your body from healing. These trapped emotions not only create physical problems but emotional difficulties in relationships & your own self. You can subconsciously put up heart walls to keep you from receiving & giving love as God intended. For 10 years I dealt with eye pain (mostly in my left eye) along with neck pain which was very intense at times. Even sleeping on my left side made things worse. I have been to a medical doctor, my eye doctor & had an MRI done, but no one had any answers as to what was causing my problem. After a few sessions with Laura, I am completely free of that eye & neck pain. She uncovered many, many trapped emotions that I carried around for years. She could even pinpoint the approximate time my body took on these trapped emotions. I am still in disbelief as to the miraculous healing that occurred. The Emotion Code technique uses simple magnets and their healing power is quite astonishing. This process is so simple & easy! I highly recommend the Emotion Code & the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that Laura uses. Truly Laura has been a blessing my life & really cares about people!"  SAK  5-25-11

 "I went to see Laura about my hearing loss as in the last year my hearing had become much worse, the audiologist told me my hearing had become worse probably due to the emotional times my family was having. I called Laura as she had been recommended to me. She has worked with me and my many emotions. I have been able to understand more about our bodies and the many emotions we have. My overall body emotions have improved each time I have seen her. My hearing is improving also, in fact this Sunday I was late for Church and I realized I forgot my hearing aids when I was almost at the Church. It was to late to go back and get them. I went and to my surprise I heard almost everything being said!"   JG  Sterling, CO

 "Laura has an amazing way of communicating and teaching Emotional Freedom Technique that I instantly brought this tool into my everyday life. I use it for physical pain or ailments, and for emotional issues that might come up, whether they are old or new. It is so easy that I share it with family and friends, too. I love it!L aura worked with me through the Emotion Code technique, too, which was a truly eye-opening experience.  Laura has an authentic passion for helping others and we are very blessed to have her spread her knowledge in our community! "   KB   Sterling, CO

 "Laura has worked on me in person and through distance healing(remotely).  She is an amazing healer who is both caring and intuitive to the needs of others.

"Recently I was feeling extremely sluggish and unmotivated. Laura worked on me remotely using the Body Code/Emotion Code and released an inherited, suppressed disease from my thyroid.   Immediately I felt a change. I felt like something was lifted from my throat, I could swallow more easily.  In the days to follow I felt energetic and motivated to do the day-to-day activities (like exercise) that before felt exhausting to me. I feel like a different person!

"Laura has worked with me on many occasions for many different issues in my life and this is just one of the things Laura has done for me both physically and emotionally. It has changed my life!! Thank you Laura! "     - MW

 "I only had a few minutes to look around at the Sterling Health Fair, so I went from booth to booth, and one took my eye---it said something about pain that was hard to get rid of & a free 10 minute session. I have been suffering with sciatica in my left leg and hip for about 3 years. I have been to 3 different Doctors, even getting several epidurals to ease the pain. That helped for about a week. After Laura went through the 10 minutes with me, I walked out of that booth a "new person"!! I haven't been pain-free for 3 years! It lasted for 2 days, and I could feel a twinge of it coming back, so I made an appointment with Laura and did the "tapping" EFT and it left again! Now I know what to do if & when it does re-occur. This technique sounds "too-good-to-be-true", but I do know it works!! Thank you, Laura!"  RK  Sterling, CO

 "The Emotion Code has helped me identify my fears and pain. I have been able to start healing these areas in my life. I knew for years I had these problems but could never overcome them. Now I have! I have a new lease on life. I have released trapped emotions. One in which tears came forth as the magnet rolled down my spine. This is the experience that made a believer out of me. This has been a powerful and wonderful experience for me. I hope I can share this with others. I thank God for Laura who introduced me to Dr. Nelson's work. Truly this is from God."  MC