Office Policies

Privacy and Confidentiality  Statement

Anything said in the privacy my office will be kept confidential. As a nurse, I have total respect for your privacy in all areas of life. All issues related to my sessions will be kept in confidence. However, if I am told something I feel is life threatening to you or others I will feel obligated to inform the appropriate authorities.



Cancellation Policy / Missed appointments

Your session time is a special time reserved especially for you.  A 24-hour notice (by phone or email) is requested and required for all missed (cancelled and rescheduled) appointments. Appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be charged $30 for the first occurrence and the full rate of $70 for each missed appointment afterwards. Of course I understand there are emergencies, illnesses and weather that can't be controlled, but ask that you let me know as soon as you do if you have to miss an appointment.



Healing Touch, Emotion Code, Body Code and other modalities I utilize are not a substitute for medical care; they are meant to compliment medical treatment.  Information given to you in any session is not intended as a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.  Healing Touch, Emotion Code and Body Code promote harmony and balance within, relieve stress and release trapped emotions from the body. These modalities support the body’s natural ability to heal. Healing Touch, Emotion Code and Body Code are recognized as valuable and effective complements to conventional medical care.

I, Laura Scalva, make no claims as to healing or recovery from any illness. These modalities are offered as a service and are not meant to replace any medical treatment.

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