Laura Scalva, RN

is a registered nurse who works and lives in the Sterling, CO area.




 As a health care professional, Laura’s interests have always been focused on the whole person concept--knowing that our bodies and minds are intricately connected.  Having practiced conventional nursing for over 30 years and having worked with literally thousands of patients over her career, she knew that something was missing.  Although outstanding in many ways, modern medicine routinely missed the connection between a hurting or broken body and a person's emotional state of mind.  Laura saw that modern medicine was very good at treating the symptom but not always the cause.  This gap motivated her to look into alternative methods of healing.  This search led her to a remarkable healing approaches called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Healing Touch and the Emotion Code/Body Code.  


Once introduced to these phenomenal restorative techniques, Laura has attended several workshops and countless hours of training, studying and perfecting these very powerful breakthroughs in therapeutic healing of a person’s mind and body.  She has now become a regional leader in EFT.
Laura is a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner and a Healing Touch Practitioner.  She is passionate about sharing these amazing energy techniques with others.  She is committed to becoming healthier and happier and teaching others to do the same.     
If you have pain, anxiety, fear or chronic issues that you have almost given up on, make an appointment with Laura and let her help you get your energy system back in balance. Laura will teach you several wonderful healing techniques, and once you lear, you will have the tools to be emotionally and physically healthy and happy, are our Creator designed us to be.